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My teaching background

Lecturer in Sustainability at University of St Andrews

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Sustainable Development

From 2012-2020 I taught at all levels of the SD Programme at the University of St Andrews.

I tutored and lectured undergraduate students within the BSc and MA degrees in Sustainable Development at the University of St Andrews. I was involved in curriculum development, most notably restructuring and co-designing an interdisciplinary first year Sustainable Development module. This included working with colleagues from different disciplines: climate science, biology, economics, human geography, population studies, and political science.

I also coordinated my own honours module on 'Society, Sustainable Consumption & Implementing Change' and an international summer school on Sustainable Development.

Living Labs & Theoretical Theatre

One of my main contributions to the Sustainable Development programme has been giving students opportunities for their coursework and studies to contribute practically to sustainability activities in St Andrews and I am a key person at the University of St Andrews working across Schools and professional staff on embedding a ‘Living Labs’ approach. I am also passionate about innovative and engaging pedagogies, employing Gill Seyfang’s ‘theoretical theatre’. This involves ‘acting out’ different theories/debates, in order to bring them to life and demonstrate to student's the value of different theories and perspectives.

PhD Supervision

Megan Carras (full-time): ‘Tiny house, big impact’: are tiny homes the cure for consumerism? Exploring the Tiny house movement in the United States [completed 2019]

Rachel Creaney (full-time): SHOW – health Smart Homes for Older peoples’ Wellbeing (James Hutton Institute/University of St Andrews)

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