• Dr Katherine Ellsworth-Krebs

    Senior Sustainability Researcher - Imagination, Lancaster University


    She is an interdisciplinary researcher at the intersection of environmental sustainability, design, and lifestyle change. Currently she is focused on working with organisations to develop new ways to intervene in environmental sustainability issues (e.g. reduce waste, carbon footprint, and energy demand) to create a ‘culture of sustainability’ which is mainstreamed into communities’ everyday life.


    She is based in the UK at Lancaster University's Beyond Imagination. Before that, she was a Lecturer in Sustainable Development at the University of St Andrews teaching on sustainable consumption, theories of change and activism.


    theories of change, everyday life, excess consumption


    mainstreaming sustainability


    Covid-19 and sustainable consumption

    Design Research and sustainability

    Digital infrastructure for reusable packaging



  • Publications

    • Reid, L. & Ellsworth-Krebs, K. (2021). Demanding expectations: Exploring the experience of distributed heat generation in Europe. Energy Research & Social Science, 71.
    • Ellsworth-Krebs, K. Implications of declining household sizes and expectations of home comfort for domestic energy demand, Nature Energy, 2020
    • Ellsworth-Krebs, K., Reid, L., & Hunter, C. J. Home Comfort and “Peak Household”: Implications for Energy Demand. Housing, Theory and Society, 2019
    • Ellsworth-Krebs, K., Reid, L., and Hunter, CJ. Integrated framework for home comfort: relaxation, companionship and control, Building Research and Information, 2019.
    • Reid, L. and Ellsworth-Krebs, K. Nudge(ography) and practice theories: contemporary sites of behavioural science and post-structuralist approaches in geography, Progress in Human Geography, 2019.
    • Reid, L. and Ellsworth-Krebs, K. Practicing energy prosumption: using unsolicited online data to reveal everyday realities of solar thermal panels in the United Kingdom, Energy Research and Social Science, 34: 191-199, 2017.
    • Ellsworth-Krebs, K. and Reid, L. Conceptualising energy prosumption: exploring energy production, consumption and microgeneration in Scotland, UK. Environment and Planning A, 2016.
    • Ellsworth-Krebs, K., Reid, L. and Hunter, CJ. Home-ing in on Domestic Energy Research: 'house,' 'home,' and the importance of ontology. Energy Research and Social Science, 6:100-108, 2015.

    From April 2020 to the present I have been involved with an international (mainly European) research team exploring  Covid‐19 and consumption, disruptions and implications for everyday life and sustainability. Since June 2020, this project has gathered data from around 250 research participants...
    This semester I joined the Feminist Writing group at Lancaster University run by Danielle Turton. It has been 2 hours weekly writing as well as discussion on academic life, balance and critique of the academy. I have learned a lot and wanted to share the brilliant resources Danielle has pulled...
    Around the world, more people are living with more space at home than at any other time in history.   This may be surprising–cramped, dingy rooms are as familiar in Shanghai as they are in London. But on average, the space per person in Chinese homes has increased by about 323 square feet in 40...
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