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A semester with Lancaster's Feminist Writing group

This semester I joined the Feminist Writing group at Lancaster University run by Danielle Turton. It has been 2 hours weekly writing as well as discussion on academic life, balance and critique of the academy. I have learned a lot and wanted to share the brilliant resources Danielle has pulled together. These come from a much longer line of women's writing groups, building on Kathryn Hollingsworth at Newcastle University women’s network who developed them from her attendance at the women’s writing groups at Texas Tech, where she was a visiting scholar.

Time management: weekly goals

*Taking Control of Work-Life Balance with Microboundaries

This was one of my favourites - it encouraged me to finally put a caveat about slow email in my signature. It's not simply to make an excuse for myself being slow, but as a potential prompt for others to reflect on their practices.

Perfectionism and over-functioning

Facing criticism

*Managing your research pipeline: the big board technique

I loved this and made a spreadsheet for my own writing, if you ignore the neoliberal buy-in to publications and instead want a quantitative way to track progress on writing it seems pretty useful.

Academic Perfectionism: the shitty first draft

Developing a daily writing practice with the accountability spreadsheet

Debate: Is email making professors stupid?

Semester 2


  • Do you have a mentor or have you ever had one? How did it go?
  • Did this relationship happen organically or was it set-up?
  • Is there anything more we can do to support mentoring at our university or in our network?

I enjoyed this one so much that I followed up Kerry Ann Rockquemore's resources. If you want to do some mapping to figure out your own mentor-network these are great!

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