• Coaching with me

    I offer one-to-one coaching on finding alignment in your life - figuring out your values so you know why you're taking any action,


    productivity - getting more done with less energy and time, doing epic things without burning out,


    career planning, creativity, writing, climate anxiety,


    identifying, communicating and enforcing your boundaries,


    changing any habit


    and everything in between. I'm here for all of it!


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    PhD Candidate

    Katherine’s coaching was tailor-made and gave me good foundations for doing my PhD. It was surprisingly flexible and I loved the book recommendations, readings and podcasts. Katherine's candid sharing of her own experiences as a PhD student and, later, early-career researcher, helped me overcome some initial fears and intimidation. I'm really looking forward to the next few years, and beyond!

    Academic Researcher

    What I learned from coaching with Katherine is thinking about work differently which started with understanding how I work. Keeping a writing log helped me face how I feel each time I sit down and write and get in the habit of checking in with myself. I cannot emphasise enough how helpful listening to yourself is. And having someone listen to you intensely reminded me that attention is truly the best gift one can offer to another human being! Katherine's feedback on my writing log provided me with fresh and useful insight as well as a sense of accountability. Coaching sessions were like unearthing potatoes. I didn’t expect everything to be so interconnected and in need of interrogating. It surprised me how the way we work is all rooted into our upbringing. Katherine asks challenging questions, that were sometimes really difficult to process, but gave me food for thought over many weeks. In that way, Katherine’s coaching was very personalised and the follow up resources and readings meant I didn’t feel left alone to figure out where to go between sessions.


    Sustainability Professional

    After a period of feeling stuck and alone, Katherine helped me find the tools within myself to flourish. Over six sessions I transformed my relationship with my mother, work and the world at large. Little things that caused great annoyance or anxiety have melted away and I’m seeing progress week by week. I have decided to continue for another six sessions with Katherine as I can see the power coaching can bring to one’s personal and professional lives.

    Trust the process. It might feel uncomfortable at first, but great things are on their way.

    Sustainability Professional

    I’ve greatly benefited from my coaching sessions with Katherine. The sessions were often challenging but affirming and rewarding, and Katherine’s warm and non-judgemental manner made me feel I was in safe hands. Katherine taught me to reprogram my ‘gremlins’ and helped me gain more confidence in my career and abilities. I now feel calmer in confrontational situations and more secure in myself. I recommend Katherine’s coaching to anyone who wants to make changes in their life - big or small! 

    PhD Candidate

    It has been a pleasure and a joy to work through a set of interrelated issues with Katherine which I took to our coaching sessions and were holding me back in life. She is a skilled, intuitive and warm practitioner, approaching her sessions and clients with an open heart and a gentleness which I have seldom seen in my experience in different forms of self-work over the years. Katherine offered the right balance of ‘here is what I am hearing/my perspective/experience’ and ‘what’s this for you/where do you feel that/what is that goblin telling you’. The combination of insights and questions makes for enjoyable and valuable sessions.

    Health Professional

    What a fun experience! Katherine was patient and empathetic while also pushing me to look inward and identify maladaptive thought patterns. Often this process left me feeling silly for having held certain beliefs in the first place, yet Katherine was always kind and supportive and gave me a safe space to make these uncomfortable realizations. Most impressively, I found her coaching to be highly relevant and applicable to my life and career, even though we are in completely different fields of work and live on different continents!


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  • I am a social climate scientist and I research sustainable lifestyles in high-income countries.


    Natural scientists have raised the alarm to call us to take climate action and it’s time to turn to social scientists, like myself, that offer evidence-based solutions that draw on fields with a long history in understanding human behaviour and how societies evolve.  


    My research has been published in Nature, the top global academic-journal, and covered by CNN, CircularDe CorrespondentForbes, and Fast Company.


    For accessible summaries of my research, check out academic-news media outlet, The Conversation. For my academic publications, see Google Scholar, and if there are any articles you cannot access because it's behind a paywall send me a message and I can share an accepted manuscript.

  • I refuse to sit and watch while people who deeply care about the environment get stuck doing the little things that don’t really matter.


    I give a crap that people know the best things they can do for climate justice.


    I profoundly want businesses to take sustainability seriously.


    Spreading joy for writing gets me up in the morning.


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